Introducing Kameleon Kamo

Division of KAT-KAMO

Kameleon Kamo the only holographic camouflage on the market today! Kameleon Kamo is the first camo that is capable of changing it’s color (like a cameleon!) to adapt to its surroundings! Worlds first adaptive camo with color changing technology. Because of this, the tactical benefits are enormous. When you move from location to location during a hunt, you gun or bow will blend better with your surroundings. This means, no more wondering if your gun will expose you to your game. Or wondering if you will be seen because you have a different pattern than what you are currently standing in.

Kameleon Kamo special holographic pigment is applied during the paint process giving it the ability to redirect color based on it surroundings. What this means to you is that if your are in dried sage with a forest autumn camo, the light reflecting from the sage is picked up by the holographic pigments and is distributed to the surrounding pigments, causing your gun or bow to adapt to the color of the sage.

The competition creates its own silhouettes with its camo; we blend in with the surroundings that you are in. We give you the edge to adapt to new conditions without having to change guns with different camo patterns. This means you can have one gun or bow that will work in a wide variety of situations and seasons and not have several guns in different patterns. Hunting is not a “One size fits all” sport, when it comes to guns and camo, but our holographic Kameleon Kamo gives you the ability to change with the background without ever changing guns or bows!

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