Introduction To KAT-KAMO


KAT-KAMO is a simulated camouflage coating. It is an exclusive process developed by Kip Sleaford at KAT Performance Coatings. This process can be applied to virtually any surface, in any color configuration and any camo configuration or with a custom camo pattern designed just for you. The process is one of the most advanced on the market today.

KAT-KAMO is a multi-step process that is done is such a way that each piece is an original. No other part is exactly like another. Due to the way the system works, parts can be done in volume. This process is safe up to approximately 900 degrees F. and resists even lacquer thinner when rubbed directly on the finish! Oils, solvents, heat just will not effect our finish. Other finishes melt or run with the punishment that ours stands up to.

The KAT-KAMO Process

  • KAT-KAMO is not an overlay nor is it a repeating pattern.
  • KAT-KAMO is professionally done by hand and every piece is an original. There is a variety of color schemes to choose from. It is chemical and heat resistant. It will not fade, peel or discolor.
  • KAT-KAMO has base coat and a clear coat (just like your car) and is extremely durable.
  • It is scratch and chip resistant which leaves the competition far behind.
  • There is no other product on the market that even comes close to this process. It has taken 12 years of research before this system was totally developed.


Kameleon Kamo is a holographic camouflage coating. It is an exclusive process developed by Kip Sleaford at KAT Performance Coatings.

KAT-KAMO is so unique that we can mass produce it in an assembly line style of manufacturing. We can produce massive amounts of product in a timely manner while keeping material costs low and keeping quality at an individual piece level. Keep in mind that this is not a dip process. The average dip process takes approximately 45 to 55 minutes to complete. KAT-KAMO can be done, per piece, in less than 20 minutes, complete.

KAT-KAMO Warranty

Limited warranty against fading, discoloration, or peeling of paint. KAT Performance Coatings will warranty all parts coated by Kat Performance Coatings for 10 years. Warranty covers all labor and materials. Repair warranty is backed by Dupont-Automotive Finishes.

All claims: Must have a paint sales receipt and be approved by a representative of Kat Performance Coatings.

Refurbish and Repair of KAT-KAMO Products:
No more than $65.00 plus shipping and handling. All products may be returned to place of purchase or sent directly to the manufacturer.

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