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Pro Box use in the ag industry is on the rise, but even the most durable Pro Boxes can become damaged during extended use. What if you could simply repair your damaged Pro Boxes instead of purchasing new ones? What if those repairs were a fraction of the cost of a new Pro Box? KAT Performance Coatings can service all of your repairs quickly, with unmatched customer service, and the best warranty in the industry on all repairs.

KAT Performance Coatings does many types of plastic repair, but specializes in repairing Pro Boxes for the ag industry. KAT can also assist you in repairing nearly any plastic application. Contact us now to start your repairs!

The Process:

  • You can supply KAT with a worksheet used to identify the problem area on the boxes, or we can provide one for you.
  • This sheet will show a disassembled Pro Box and you simply label the sheet with the affected box number and circle the area to be repaired. This sheet will follow the box through the entire repair process.
  • The boxes are disassembled into three separate parts and steam cleaned. The parts are then thoroughly inspected to search for damage that may have been missed.
  • Any additional damage found is notated on the paperwork.
  • Our highly skilled technicians affect all repairs on the individual parts.
  • All parts are reinspected a final time before reassembly.
  • Boxes are reassembled and returned to you.

Warranty and Records:

  • KAT Performance Coating’s five year warranty is the longest in the Pro Box repair industry.
  • If our repair breaks within the term of the warranty we will cover the necessary repair at no charge.
  • We keep records of all repaired boxes for five years.
  • A colored tag will be applied to indicate a box has been repaired.


  • KAT Performance Coatings uses a recycle program to help keep your costs low. Any necessary parts are pulled from previously scrapped boxes.
  • In the event KAT does not have a necessary part we will contact you and you can either order your own part to be drop shipped to us, or we can order and install them for a small fee.


  • KAT Performance Coatings will handle any scrap as a result of the repair process.
  • If you have any scrap Pro Boxes we will assist you with free of charge.

Price Cap:

KAT will not exceed 50% of the replacement cost to repair a box.

Return Rate Percentage:

KAT Performance Coatings is currently operating at 97% return rate. What does that mean for you? Saving money. With our Pro Box Repair you are fixing more boxes and buying fewer replacement parts and new boxes. This lowers your overall cost and creates large savings.


KAT Performance Coatings is located in the heart of the corn belt. This means it is faster and easier to use our Pro Box Repair Service than any other the industry.

Old Inventory? No Problem:

KAT Performance Coatings will buy your old inventory. When you’re ready to liquidate let us know and we will purchase it from you.


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